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Miracle Worker

A few days ago we met a gentleman from Comanche County, who lives six miles from this place, from whom we got an item and here it is.

Some three weeks ago the Methodists held a camp meeting in which great interest was taken, and before it closed, one Dr. Friend said that he could perform miracles. He had many callers, and went to a neighbor’s widow who had a son of 21 years that had been paralyzed both in body and brain (so called). The doctor approached him, told the family to form a circle around the bed, and after being in this position some time, told the sick man to “stretch forth thy hand” and he did so, he then said “praise the Lord,” and he did so, the doctor then told him to “arise, stand up and walk.”

He did so, and has been picking cotton ever since.

Comanche Chief, September 1879