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A Girl’s Sad Plight

Another story of a young girl’s sad plight is laid bare in the columns of the daily press this week. It is a sad tale. A girl goes to Dallas; stops at a hotel for the night; meets the clerk, whom she previously knew; they converse together; he proposes marriage; she after hesitation assents; he gets the license, brings in two men, one of whom he represents as a priest; they are married, the morrow came, and the dissembler tells the unsuspecting girl that she has been duped by a mock marriage. Then she, crushed with sorrow and ill fortune, goes to her relatives in the country, there in nature’s rural abode to bury her sorrow and her woe, and to stay the tide of grief that floods her soul. Oh, it is a sad picture, to which humanity if nothing else, can but give “the passing tribute of a sight.” And villains who schemed the girl’s misstep have flown from the grasp of the law, and, unwhipped of justice, prowl in search of other prey.

Wharton Spectator, Stephenville Empire, September 12, 1891