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A Sad Tragedy

An exceedingly sad drama was enacted in Dallas the other day when the wife and five small children bade farewell to the husband and father as he left for Huntsville where he will be electrocuted at an early date. Such a scene and such a situation is a tragedy indeed.

But there was another side to the question says the Marshall Morning News. There was another wife made a widow and there were other small children made orphans, and the husband and father in their case had committed no crime. He had been brutally murdered, his life being taken without warning.

Anguish has come into a dozen lives because one man has sinned. It is ever thus. Punishment cannot be confined to the perpetrator of the crime. It falls with a smashing load on the innocent.

But the laws should be enforced sternly, unrelentingly. We must do this or go back to the jungle, where every man and beast is a law unto himself.

It is impossible to commit sin that does not blast and wither other lives than he who commits it. But this law of God is inexorable. There is no escaping it. No matter what we may think the justice of the mandate, there is no escaping the terrible curse that was pronounced on Mt. Sinai that “the sins of the father will be visited upon the children.”

Granbury News, March 20, 1925