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Specifications of a Real Texan

The editor of the Jayton Chronicle fears that Texans are degenerating and gives specifications for a real Texan in a front page editorial.

He leaves it with the reader in this fashion: “If we are Texans, what were the men who died at the Alamo? Texas needs more men who relish hog jowl and red beans, corn bread and sorghum syrup, and less sissy men who cry for free pop and pink tea parties. We need more men who will deliver one-two socks to the jaw of Old Man Depression and put less 3.2 in their bellies. We need more elbow grease and less hair oil, more babies and less boobies, more work and fewer necking parties, more Houstons, Bowies, Austins, Milams and Hoggs and less tin-horn politicians. Texas needs to be reborn to realize that this was a State of heroes and should never be allowed to become a state of luxury lovers, lame ducks and misery crooners.

What is the matter with us Texans? Are you a Texan?

 Hico News Review, June 1935